Check Engine Light Battle Ground

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Check Engine Light in Battle Ground by Art Morse Auto Repair

Dashboard lights help drivers know if there is an engine issue, from low tire pressure to oxygen sensor issues. It is important to get it checked out right away since many issues become worse over time.

Art Morse Auto Repair has the latest technology to diagnose any check engine light code. In addition to up-to-date technology, we also have seasoned technicians who can diagnose older cars that do not have the detailed computer reports that newer model vehicles have.

No matter the age, make, or model of your vehicle, we will make an accurate diagnosis and let you know what has caused the light to come on. Call or come by our Battle Ground location today.

Our mechanics take the time to go over what they find with each customer, never suggesting unnecessary repairs or talking over a customer’s head. We care about forging lasting relationships with our customers. You can count on us for fast, precise diagnostics and reliable suggestions.

Clearing the code doesn't fix the problem, and ignoring it could lead to costly engine damage.

Don’t wait until the light gives way to a breakdown. Our reputable shop has access to databases that tell us exactly what the codes mean for your specific vehicle.

Diagnostics for Check Engine Codes

Some engine lights keep track of when maintenance is due. Other times, the light indicates a problem. In some cases, it may only be a failed sensor. Whatever the issue, we get to the bottom of it. We stock a large, in-house inventory of parts for repair, so you don’t have to wait for us to place an order.

If you have a check engine light come on, call or bring your vehicle to us today.

Full-Service Engine Repair

Art Morse Auto Repair offers a full range of engine repair and tune-up services. Whatever we find after reading the code report, we are able to repair the problem so there is no waiting. We offer an upfront, transparent estimate of costs and wait for your approval before doing any work.

Call today for a customer-first philosophy that is based on trustworthy communication.

We love cars and are more than happy to help our neighbors in Battle Ground maintain safe driving conditions. We offer low-cost options for repairs and will always inform you of recommended maintenance to keep your car running smoothly.